August 2021

General Updates and Events

Thank you all who attended our last general meeting. We will be in touch shortly to schedule our next one!

Always remember, if you have questions for us or would just like to learn more about what we do, then email us at

Pet Pantry Updates

Our bin runneth over! A wonderful Pet Food Pantry Day. Thanks to all the Chewy and Amazon donations plus direct drop-offs in our bins, all our “clients” were served. Amazon includes a donation card but it is impossible to see who donated through Chewy and thank them. We are so grateful for this generosity!…

The Bowie Marketplace Petco is still accepting donations, but only canned and unopened bags of pet food and kitty litter. This is a corporate decision. Ask an associate for help. It is now held in the back of the store.  Please.. no opened food bags or towels/sheets/blankets.  Thanks! You can still drop those things off at the Bowie gym, Senior Center, MOM’s, Crunchies, and Highway Vet.

Kitten Program Updates

This is Turbo. Only 7 weeks old and fighting a Partial Atresia Ani which is keeping him from defecating. The tricky part is surviving three procedures without being permanently incontinent. Please help Turbo if you can through our Facebook fundraiser or through PayPal
Bowie CLAW is still taking in “Bottle Babies”. If you would like to support our kitten rescue efforts, we could always use the Miracle Nipple and Breeders Edge formula.…

Community Cats

Bowie Claw was called on to help these 3 kittens on the worse day of their life. Earlier a stray dog went on their caretakers property and killed their Mother. They were facing euthanasia. Contacted by a rescuer we were able to get them from Animal Control and to a bottle ? feeder to get them ready to be put up for adoption. It was a sad day, but they have a chance to get a new family and be safer as indoor cats.