General Meeting and Elections

Please note, in order to mitigate the community spread of coronavirus, Governor Hogan has implemented a stay at home directive. Therefore, be prepared that the May 16th general meeting will likely be canceled.  We will keep in touch via Facebook and Claw Tawk.

Typically at our May meetings we hold an election for the Board of Directors. We have two full terms that expire in May (Paul Nadler and Tara Kelley-Baker), and two terms currently filled by interim appointment (Michaele Angulo and Michelene Kennedy-Teston) to fill. Given we are likely to have to postpone the meeting, the five remaining directors – Hugh Hammett, Michael Semeniuk, Michaele Angulo, Michelene Kennedy-Teston and Virginia Jones  – will make interim appointments to the full-term seats until the next general meeting, when we will hold proper elections for all four seats in question.

To continue and extend our various animal welfare actions, we invite active members who are willing to serve on this Board.  Please consider this opportunity and submit your interest by May 1st to Virginia Jones (Secretary-Treasurer) or Paul Nadler (President) at  

Pet Jokes!

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Can your pet be suffering from allergies?

You may not be the only one in your home suffering from seasonal allergies. Your dog or cat can also have reactions to pollen and other environmental allergens. As with people, animals’ immune systems can start to perceive pollen as a threat, causing a negative reaction. Even pets who spend most of their time indoors can suffer from environmental allergies.

The biggest symptom of seasonal allergies in pets is skin inflammation. A dog may scoot her rump, lick her paws or groin, or shake a lot. Cats may over-groom or develop skin crusts. Naturally, itchiness will make your pet scratch, and too much scratching can lead to infection. Over time, dogs can develop hair loss, thickened skin, hyperpigmentation, hot spots, and ear irritation, so keep an eye out for those symptoms. Cats often over-groom, leading to hair loss, especially on their sides or bellies. In both species, excess scratching can cause yeast and bacteria on the skin to multiply, setting off infections. Call the vet if you notice these signs of itchiness.

A vet will test for specific allergen sensitivities and routinely expose pets to them via either a daily serum under the tongue or a shot every one to two weeks. The goal is that over three to 12 months, the animal’s immune system stops reacting as strongly and requires fewer medications. In addition to prescription treatment, itchy pets can get relief from cool baths once a week or so.  Bathing can rinse off allergens before they are absorbed into the skin, causing an allergic reaction. Check with your vet first to rule out a secondary infection and ask for shampoo recom­mendations. Adapted from:

Next General Meeting To Be Determined

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