CLAW Tawks February 2020

Upcoming Events

Thank you all who joined us at the Kissing Booth last month. A lovely time was had by all thanks to Honey Bee Photography!

Spring is in the air (almost)! Join us April 18thfrom 12 to 4 PM for the Green Bowie Expo brought to you by the Bowie Lions Club. This is a family-fun event open to the public. Activities include Kids Zone with make and take activities, puppet show, live entertainment, electric car display, over 50 vendors showcasing their environment-friendly products and services.

If you are interested in organizing events for Bowie CLAW, WE NEED YOUR HELP!Please reach out to us at Bowieclaw@gmail.comor come to our general meetings.  Even if you can only commit to one event, we could sure use you! We are very open to ideas, have members of the Board who can assist with organizing, and have a nice group of volunteers. We just need a motivated leader. The only way we can support programs like our Pet Assistance and Support (PAS) and Community Cats are through donations often brought in by the events we have. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to help, this is the chance! Please consider. 

Discriminatory Breed-Specific Ban

As many of you already know, Bowie CLAW has been advocating for several years the repeal of Animal Control Ordinance Section 3-185.01 that bans in Prince George’s County those dogs labeled as pit bull terriers.  We want to commend our pet loving colleagues in Denver, Colorado for their accomplishments. They have demonstrated there are cleaver and common senses approaches to addressing this issue!  “Denver City Council repeals ban on pit bulls after marathon vote” – The Denver City Council repealed the city’s 30-year-old ban on pit bulls Monday night by a razor-thin margin, replacing it with a type of “probation” meant to safely reintroduce the often-demonized breed. The measure replaces the breed-specific ban with what they call common-sense tactics to reintroduce and track pit bulls in Denver. Residents will apply for a pit bull license which will require name and contact information, emergency contacts, a description of the dog and proof that it’s microchipped and properly vaccinated. It also carries a fee. If there are no attacks, instances of animal cruelty, fighting or other issues with the dog for three years then the restricted license will be removed and the pit bull will be licensed just the same as any other breed. Owners are limited to two pit bulls per home. 

For more information go to

Facts About Pet HEART Health

Nothing warms our hearts like the love of our pets. That’s why taking care of their hearts is so important. With Valentine’s Day just passing, here are 14 facts about the health of your pets—and the impact having pets has on your heart, too.

1. Dogs have a larger heart to body mass ratio than all other mammals.

2. Cats have dogs and humans beat when it comes to heart rate. A typical cat heart beats at 140-220 beats per minutes, whereas dogs are at 60-140, and humans at 60-100.

3. The best screening test for heart disease is having your veterinarian listen to your pet’s heart with a stethoscope twice a year as part of a wellness exam.

4. People who love pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks.

5. Dogs are just as prone to getting heart disease as people are. In fact, dogs and people share over 400 ailments and illnesses.

6. Unlike people, dogs and cats don’t typically have heart attacks from clogged arteries, because both animal species are very efficient at digesting fats. They carry more of their cholesterol in HDL vs. LDL, so saturated fats aren’t a problem and are actually a very good source of energy.

7. Cats with heart disease are susceptible to dangerous blood clots that can break off and cause paralysis of the legs (aortic thromboembolism), an important reminder that heart health should always be checked by a vet.

8. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil may help reduce inflammation in the body—and when it comes to heart health, they have been shown to help manage abnormal rhythms and to prevent muscle loss. 

9. Taurine, an amino acid that dogs (but not cats) can make, helps the heart pump effectively. Deficiency can cause the heart to weaken, so look for foods with high-quality protein to help dogs make taurine.

10. The heart’s a muscle, and muscle is made from protein. Make sure the food you choose includes large amounts of heart-healthy animal protein.

11. One of the easiest — and most enjoyable — ways to promote heart health in pets is regular exercise. Taking daily walks, playing with toys, and maintaining an active lifestyle can be mutually beneficial to you and your pet. 

12. Leaky valves are a common cause of heart disease in dogs. A group of veterinarians have been doing open heart surgery to replace damaged valves, a procedure which will soon be available soon in the US.

13. Overweight pets can be predisposed to cardiovascular disease. To prevent overfeeding, portion your pets food.

14. Believe it or not, human, dog, and cat hearts are nearly identical. There are only some slight differences in a few valves and the coronary vessels, or blood vessels, that supply the heart with blood and nutrients.

See you at our general meeting Saturday, March 21st

9:30 am Kenhill Center Hall (Old City Hall)

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