Happy New Year!

Past and Upcoming Events

Happy New Year! We have a number of amazing events this 2019. Let’s start with attending our general meeting on January 19th. Come and meet like minded friends and see how you can support our local animals (we welcome new people and new ideas). Look for upcoming Meet and Greet events, a Valentine’s Day kissing booth, St. Patrick’s Day pictures and dancing, and much much more! 2019 is sure to bring some fun filled events for you and your pets to enjoy.

Top 10 Resolutions for You and Your Pet!

The start of a new year can signal a fresh start for your pets. Here are ten resolutions to make this year your pet’s healthiest year yet! (adapted from Petmd.com)

10 Measure Your Pet’s Food – Every Time! Many owners “eyeball” their pet’s daily intake and pour that into a bowl, usually resulting in overfeeding and weight gain. It’s important to use a measuring cup. The recommended feeding guidelines on the bag are good place to start to figure out how much food Fido(or Kitty really needs.

9 Choose an Age-Appropriate Diet Growing pets have very specific nutrient requirements to ensure their bodies grow healthy and strong. Choosing a diet specifically tailored to your pet’s life stage is a way to keep them in optimal health.

8 Try a New Activity with Your Pet From doga to hiking, skijoring to kayaking, it’s easier than ever for people to incorporate their pet into a new exercise routine. It’s a great way to bond, it’ll get you both out of the house, and both owner and pet will reap the rewards of a healthy physical activity. Meet-up groups are a great way to find like-minded pet owners to join you in your exercise, too!

7 Incorporate (More) Playtime into Your Routine Cats love the thrill of chasing a laser toy! Toys that trigger a cat’s predatory instinct are a great way to get them off the couch and engaged in a little aerobic activity.

6 Make a Date with Your Vet Yearly examinations by the veterinarian are a key component of good preventive care. Keep up-to-date with heartworm preventive. Veterinary visits are also the perfect time to ask for advice.

5 Groom Your Pet Daily Brushing your pet helps to removes excess fur from the coat, reducing the amount you find on your clothes and furniture and distributes oils from the skin to the fur, keeping the coat healthy. Daily grooming is a also a bonding activity that shows your pet how much you love them by taking care of them in a very soothing manner.

4 Practice Good Oral Hygiene Habits with Your Pet Daily tooth brushing is the best way to keep tartar and plaque at bay. Water additives, dental diets, and treats designed to reduce tartar can also be a helpful tool in keeping teeth clean.

3 Teach an Old Dog a New Trick Studies show that mental stimulation can help reduce cognitive deterioration in aging animals. In other words, keeping your senior pet’s brain active can actually make it healthier!

2 Update Pet ID Info Over the course of a year, a lot can change — people move, get new phone numbers, and forget to update their pet’s tags. Keep your microchip information current.

1 Consider Fostering Many animal shelters and rescues need loving homes to provide safe and temporary living arrangements for pets. It’s the perfect way to test the waters of pet ownership without the lifelong commitment. Who knows? That home just might end up being yours.

See you at our general meeting Saturday January 19th!

Hey, federal employees! Please consider supporting Bowie CLAW in your Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) contributions this year! Our Campaign Number is 15690.

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