2015 Microchip Clinic

Bowie CLAW hosted a pet microchip clinic on Saturday, March 28, 2015.  The event was very successful, with a total of 24 cats and dogs being chipped.  Area residents were encouraged to come out and get their pets chipped for a reduced cost of just $20.

The event was held at the The Bowie Lions Club, who generously donated the use of their space for the event.  The chips were placed by Dr. Cynthia Harker and Vet Tech Caitlin of Crofton Veterinary Center, who volunteered their time to assist us.  The Pomeranians on Parade Meetup Group and the Animal Advocates of MD, DC, and VA  Meetup Group assisted with volunteers to staff the event.  As always, we are very grateful to these and all other organizations who support us.

The event was chronicled in The Gazette!

If you weren’t able to come out and get your pet chipped with us, we encourage you to contact your local vet to have the procedure completed.  Microchipping is a quick and safe procedure that helps ensure you are reunited with your pets if they become lost.  If your chipped pet were to ever become lost, organizations such as animal control and veterinary offices who have scanners can use the chip to identify your pet and get you reunited.


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