Do You Want to Volunteer at the County Animal Shelter?

If you like walking dogs or chillin’ with kitties, become a volunteer at the county shelter!  The shelter can always use more volunteers.

Volunteers with the Prince George’s Animal Management Division (AMD) perform a variety of tasks to help the staff take care of the hundreds of animals living at the shelter.  Probably the most common and most fun activity volunteers perform is walking and socializing with dogs, socializing and playing with cats and kittens, and keeping all the other creatures (like rabbits, birds, reptiles, and more!) company.  Keeping the animals socialized and active keeps them happy and healthy and relieves their boredom from living in a kennel.  Spending even just a few minutes with a dog or cat makes a really big difference to them.  Come spend time with one, and you’ll see how much happier they look after just a few minutes of play.  In addition to improving their quality of life, this kind of interaction keeps them well-socialized and makes them more adoptable, improving their chances of finding a forever home.

All volunteers must attend an orientation session, which is typically held at the Prince George’s County Animal Shelter at 3750 Brown Station Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.

For more information, see the AMD’s page on volunteer opportunities or call the shelter’s Volunteer Coordinator at (301) 780-7220.

Disclaimer: Bowie CLAW is not affiliated with the shelter or the Animal Management Division.  This post is simply an informational/public service post for those who are interested.